Five Amazing Things to Bring Positivity in the House

While decorating a room, many people consider Feng Shui. It talks about the positioning of certain items to channel the positive energy in your room. If you trust in Feng Shui, you can follow some Chinese cultures or beliefs while decorating your room. Otherwise, you may add these items as decorative pieces. They can add a splash of color and bring liveliness to your room to make you feel happy and energized. Here is a list of items that are well-known for bringing positivity in a household –

  1. Place Bamboo Plants: Feng Shui is often said to increase the positive energy inside the house. Bamboo plants are acknowledged by Feng Shui as a way to bring good luck. You can get bamboo plants in small tubs or planters. You can place them on your tabletop or somewhere near the window, providing a stylish look to your decor. Apart from the Feng Shui, adding green plants can make the rooms look pretty and energize you with their liveliness. You can also look for money plants or palm trees as they bring luck and add positive energy.
  2. Place a dreamcatcher: The tradition of hanging a dreamcatcher has come from the Native American culture. However, with time, it has changed its shape and size. Now it welcomes different fancy materials for decoration. They are known for catching nightmares and negative energies. Apart from the cultural aspect, its beauty has appealed to the people for years. They are made of colorful beads, string, and feathers. Many of the charms have fringes and cute animal figures, etcetera to make them look adorable. The splash of color from the dreamcatcher can brighten up the room as well as your mood. You can choose any color as per your choice and the theme of your room. However, it is better to stay away from black color dreamcatchers as they attract negative energies.
  3. Buy Paintings: Paintings are the perfect decor as they can tune the mood and theme of your room. You can buy mandala arts and big canvases, which can light up your space with their colorful presence. However, it is better to choose life paintings with wild animals. The sense of action can add a sense of liveliness and hence bring in positivity. You can get gorgeous horse wall paintings online, which can make your room dazzle with its tone of color and sense of action. Finally, the choice of paintings depends on your aesthetic point of view and artistic mind. You may choose canvases with Ganesha paintings or Buddha paintings, which can radiate positive energy. You can also add big canvases with cityscapes or landscapes, which give your room a contemporary and urban look.
  4. Fruit bowls: Though a fruit bowl is not a conventional decor, the trend of placing a fruit bowl is gradually becoming popular. People believe that it brings positive energy inside a home. There are different types of fruit bowls available. You can find gorgeous cane baskets or stylish ceramic bowls. Place them in the dining room on the center table or any stool you have kept for decoration. It can serve as a decorative piece and may work as a daily reminder of healthy living and leading a happy life. These fruit bowls should never be left empty. You may put any fruits of your choice for this purpose. As bamboo pieces are pleasant for your room, you may use bamboo items to keep your fruits. As per the Chinese culture, orange represents happiness and prosperity. Hence, if you believe in Feng Shui, you can place oranges in your fruit bowl.
  5. Aroma oil diffusers: If you use some essence or fragrance in your room, it will lift your mood. You perhaps have noticed that too. The use of essential oils on the body is not a new practice. Using essential oils in aroma oil diffusers is an excellent way of bringing positive energy to your room. You may prefer orange, lemongrass, or lavender oils for this. These essential oils are beneficial for health. It improves concentration, energizes you, and gives you a good sleep. Many people like to use candle aroma diffusers, while some prefer to use those with electric bulbs. In both cases, they radiate a bright light which also helps in improving your mood. If you are not fond of the essential oil smell, you can also use scented candles for your room.

These are a few things that can add positivity to your room setup. You must consider your choice while decorating your room. If you get a comfortable feeling inside your space, that can give you the most positive energy.

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