Alliances You can Cherish For Your Lifetime

Alliance means connections, mutual understanding, and association. This can be between two companies, two people or between groups. Connections can be established between anyone. It’s just that they should have something in between that keeps them together for long. There are a few alliances or connections that are very special. They are either made in heaven and are associated with us since birth, and there are a few connections that we make here on this earth after birth. 

Life is not just about money, power, career, success, and other materialistic things. Life is about connections and relations that we cherish all our life, and we cannot deny the fact that we humans are social animals, and we need someone to be with us. We cannot stay alone for a longer period of time. 

These relations keep us going in good and bad days, through thick and thin in life. These connections are very important and should be cherished throughout life. They can’t be replaced with materialistic stuff. 

In this fast-racing world we have forgotten to cherish these alliances and are more involved in making money and gaining success. But we should not take them for granted as we are nothing without them.

Let’s see a few of the alliances that are very important and one should cherish them throughout life. 

Spiritual Alliance-

You might get confused with the word spiritual with praying to God. But I am not talking about prayer and temples. Here I am talking about the connection that we have with ourselves. Connection with our soul, our conscience is more important than any other alliance. This connection has been built since the day we are born. We can definitely relate this connection with God because whatever we do, good or bad, might not be visible to humans but is always visible to our own spiritual self or to God. It is said that God is present in every living thing and that God is our spiritual self which knows oneself more than anyone else in the world. The connection that keeps us alive, the power that keeps us going and realisations that we feel throughout life is the most beautiful connection that we should cherish throughout life. We should occasionally take out time to be with that spiritual self for a while. 


What should I write about parents? I cannot ever have enough words to describe the relationship that one has with their parents. The unconditional love, support, care that we get from them is totally unmeasurable. The connection between parents and the child has been made since the day the child is present in the mother’s womb. But unfortunately, we fail to realise the importance of our parents in our life. You should feel blessed enough if you have loving parents with you. When life hits hard, there are only parents who always have our backs. The trust and understanding they show towards us is unmatchable. They are the one who gave us life, and we are nothing without them. There is no point in living if we can’t keep our parents who are equal to the almighty happy. They are one who never judge us even when we are at our worst. So celebrate this alliance every day and make them realise that they are important to you. You can get them gifts and plan surprises on different occasions for them. You can also order an online birthday gift for them.


The best gift that parents give us is the siblings. Feel very fortunate if you have one. They are your first best friend with whom you can share everything. The siblings make life fun, interesting and worth living. They are the one with whom you share your childhood, teenage, and adulthood. This sibling bond is very special, and one should always cherish this. Even when you are busy enough, take time to make them feel special and reminisce about your bond. 

Best Friend-

You don’t still have any blood relation with them, this friendship bond is something that is most special. Best friends are your family away from family. They love you, support you, and always have your back. You can cherish all the relations in just one person, i.e., your best friend. They appreciate you, hold your hands during your hardest time and never judge you. One should always cherish this alliance of friendship by celebrating birthdays and friendship days etc. You can send happy birthday flowers to your best friend on their birthdays to make them feel special. 


It is said that pairs are made in heaven. A supportive and loving partner, be it your husband or wife, is a blessing. In this selfish world, if you have someone with whom you can share your good and bad days, it is the best feeling ever. Your partner is the person with whom you share your life, and that person never judges you even when you are at your worst. It is the best connection to have. This relationship should always be treasured and cherished. This is a lifetime relationship and should be handled with care. Celebrate each and every day with your partner and cherish this alliance. 

These are the few alliances that you should cherish throughout your life. They make life complete, fulfilling and easier to deal with. The love, trust and care that we receive from these alliances is more than anything else in this world. So cherish it, respect it and feel grateful if you have all or even anyone. Everyone is not very fortunate to have these. 

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