How To Decorate Your First Adult Apartment?

Decorate Your First Adult Apartment

After graduation, many graduates start what is called their “adult life”. This includes finding suitable employment, hopefully in their field of study, starting repayment of their student loans, and perhaps purchasing their first vehicle. However, nothing is as exciting as finding and decorating your first apartment.

Listed below are the top things you must include in your first adult apartment:

Comfy Bedding:

When you’re starting, you’re likely on the budget. This means you don’t have to purchase sheets with a very high thread count. However, opt for pure cotton. Wash them with a generous dose of fabric softener. You’d be surprised how soft your sheets become. To make the perfect bed, you’re going to need a fitted sheet, top sheet, bedspread or duvet, a few pillows, and a quilt. Often all this can be purchased together in a “bed in a bag”. However, stay away from student prints and opt for something grown-up. Subtle prints and motifs are best!

Framed Art:

Gone are the days where you would pin up posters of Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain. This is your chance to flaunt your artsy and sophisticated side. Framed Reprints of real paintings, abstract art, and subtle images are a good option. Choose bold prints featuring cityscapes, famous monuments, and impressionist-inspired sketches are excellent choices.

Adequate Seating:

One of the perks of having your first adult apartment is the parties and get-togethers you’re going to have. However, nothing is worse than seating all your friends on the floor because of inadequate seating. To counter this problem, install benches, bar stools, counter stools, and folding chairs. These make a better style statement than a typical dining table and chair set.


Personal Library:

Now that you’ve graduated, you likely have a stack of books; enough to start your library! Why not create one in your new apartment. Choose stylish bookcases which use both wood and glass in their design. Some have small accent lights within the bookcase, which enable you to create a spotlight on your most treasured books.

Designated Workspace:

To be able to afford your first adult apartment, you have to work like one too! Pick an area in your apartment where you’d like to create a workspace. Then pick a suitable desk that matches the dimensions of the space. Ensure it has enough space to keep your desktop or laptop, mouse, and other office essentials.

In addition, you’re going to need comfortable seating as well. Keep in mind you don’t have to pick a clunky modern office chair. Pick something that matches your style and is, of course, comfortable!


Ample Lighting:

Don’t simply contend with the massive tube light that comes with your apartment. Create layers of light. Your space must have a minimum of two different light sources. An overhead light for general illumination and task lighting for focused activities such as reading, knitting, etc.

Window Dressing:

You’ve dressed your apartment, but don’t forget the windows. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from traditional drapes, blinds, café curtains to Roman shades. Window coverings will enhance the look of your new apartment and provide you with much-needed privacy.

For more tips and ideas on how to decorate your first adult apartment, visit Creative Furniture Store.

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