Importance of Learning Basic English Grammar

Importance of Learning Basic English Grammar
Importance of Learning Basic English Grammar

Learning English grammar is essential for a fluent communication. Grammar is the most important part of the English language. Even though grammar is more complex and difficult, if you know its basics and the fundamentals, then you can communicate fluently. It is not only essential for formal communication but both formal and informal communications. Some people believe that grammar is not essential for fluent communication; in fact, a good hold over grammar is needed for reading, writing, and speaking. Grammar is not only needed in English but in every language because one small grammatical error may change the sense of the statement and might get misinterpreted. Just like a body has no shape without a skeleton, a language is incomplete without grammar.

Basics of English Grammar

We start learning grammar from our school but just to write in the exam. We hardly understand the value of grammar in our everyday life. Whatever language we learn, we want to be fluent while speaking and fluency can be measured if you have good communication skills. Therefore, grammar is essential in every language. To be well versed with English grammar, there are certain basics like nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, etc., and all these elements fall under one category, which is the Parts of Speech. Writing a sentence is impossible without the parts of speech. If you have a thorough understanding of the parts of speech, then it is easier to construct a good sentence while writing and speaking.

One can have proper communication if the listener can understand the speaker. Therefore, the speaker must have a good understanding of the grammar so that the communication is clear. Our language is the most effective method that keeps a smooth flow of communication among people, and if an individual is unaware of the usage of grammar, then it becomes difficult for the speaker to share his thoughts. At times, we may misinterpret the other person due to language barriers, which may lead to misunderstandings.

Grammar in Everyday Life

Grammar exists in our everyday life. It plays the most important role when communicating with the other person. We use it in our schools, family, friends, elders, etc. In some places, people may not care about the grammar in your communication, but a few people may judge you and your communication skills based on the grammar knowledge you have. You may not become a master of grammar, but it is essential to know the basics of grammar for transparent communication. Some of the basic grammar are nouns, verbs, pronoun, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions. These parts of speech are the basics when it comes to English grammar, which is helpful for a smooth communication process. Grammar is not only needed for scoring good marks on your English paper but also throughout your life. If you are going for a job interview, for higher studies, etc., fluent communication skills are needed. English grammar is the core of the language. If you have a good knowledge of grammar, it not only shows your understanding of grammar skills but also proves that you have a keen eye for all details. When you are going for higher studies, colleges and universities will assess your English academic skills, importantly, your English grammar knowledge. To get a good hold of English grammar, it is essential to practice well. While English grammar might be challenging at times, mastering it and using it correctly is highly gratifying. Do not be scared of grammatical mistakes because, at times, you learn the best out of your mistakes. If one is really determined to learn English grammar, then it can be the most exciting subject for someone.

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