Artificial Intelligence Playing a Crucial Role in the Revival of the Business next to Covid 19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought huge disturbance in several businesses and created a lot of challenges to every part of society. Business leaders and employees have to change few strategies in order to come back towards the path of success. For that change, AI would play a crucial part to rise up the success growth. Furthermore, Covid 19 pandemic has made the employees more efficient in the decision-making via AI. As per CIO’s Pandemic Business Impact Survey, the efficiency of IT decision-makers has increased up to 60%. We have such type of touch that AI can play a dynamic role in the control of the pandemic.

AI Brings Health Ethics Together

AI is a digital system that can create complex decisions or approvals through the base of data input. This property of AI simply defines two points of why such a system has increased the ethical challenges. The first reason is that the applications of AI especially in the area of healthcare require massive personal data and so invoke major alarms for responsible data management, like privacy, consent, ownership, and security.

Secondly, AI technology is also utilized in the method of automated decision-making that was done by humans previously. This automation carries a great job in health ethics. Furthermore, automation provides positive growth to ethical challenges, which includes who is considered accountable for these essential decisions.


To get the most out of AI technology it is compulsory that it is combined with the right hardware, one should buy best wifi routers, switches, servers and other crucial hardware devices to make the right use of AI. It might seem clear that AI can manage the pressure of the Covid 19 pandemic with great authority. But the risk exists, however, that the new arrival of the technology can save lives without panic and worries but if used wisely by the personnel. This wise utilization can in the form of a decision. Like for which type of people that mechanization will make the intervention for the benefit.


The benefits of new technologies are always identified by the reaction of people and decision-making. Other reasons begin from the precautions an individual elects to take, to the decision of treatment and prioritization of the response through several policies. But above all, it is compulsory to respect the autonomy of people. Evidence from across the cultures and different age groups demonstrates that people sense the need and the endorsement of the technology is necessary.

For instance, a mask or vaccine is the most essential requirement nowadays but we have to see different behaviors of the people and that’s obvious. Here originators of the medicine or the ones who are using AI for preserving the vaccine have to take the people in their trust. So that they feel safe and protected to use them with autonomy.

Core AI Applications In COVID-19 Pandemic

Early Detection of The Infection

AI has the capacity to rapidly analyze asymmetrical symptoms and other wake-up alarms about the health of the patient. It is cost-effective as well because it can make fast decisions regarding the patient’s health status. Furthermore, it helps to evolve a new diagnosis and the way of tackling Covid 19 via unusual algorithms.   

Monetization of The Treatment

AI has the ability to build such an intelligent podium for automatic monetization of the seriousness of the virus. To find out the visual features a neural network can be established so that individuals can get decent treatment and monitoring as well. Moreover, it can offer day-to-day updates about the condition of the patient and also provide breathtaking solutions for the cure from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reducing The Workload Of Healthcare Workers

The rapid increase in the number of patients that are affected by the Covid 19 pandemic has massively expanded the workload of healthcare professionals. AI can be utilized in order to minimize the work puls of the workers. It assists through the use of digital approaches and quick decision making which results in early diagnosis. This will allow providing early treatment to the patients before the disease reaches its highest level. Furthermore, AI can make a solid impact on the patient’s health and can address other critical challenges which will definitely put comfort for the healthcare experts.

Prevention Of The Disease

AI has sufficient capability to provide the latest information which can be vital in the prevention of the virus. It can even predict the infected area and the time span which is required to get back to the normal position. It detects the causes of the disease and the reason for its rapid spread in the atmosphere. In addition, it can offer necessary measures that should be taken to prevent many diseases. It is obvious that within few years AI will be able to provide more effective facilities that would ease off the responsibility of healthcare staff.


The Healthcare department is the most important need for a patient. They are required to take quick and right decisions to save the lives of the people. To handle this fatal disease AI can help them in taking effective decisions at right time in order to prevent from patient’s serious situation. Moreover, it plays a significant role in getting the best decision for producing a potent Covid 19 vaccine. There are many applications that allow doctors to know the current situation of the patient’s health so that they can prioritize their most high alert patients. Last but not the least, in the future AI will play a more convincing role that can make a large difference in the medical zone.

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